How to get there

1) You can get to Batangas pier from Manila airport by private car or Taxi within 2 hours. (fare around 50€/3.000Pesos). Otherwise you can ride a direct bus from Buendia station (located in Makati area which is the most central of Manila and the nearest from the airport) and reach Batangas pier in 1h45 minutes (fare 3€/180Pesos).
There are many bus companies all equipped with air-con and some providing free Wi-fi connection. Buses leave every hour, as soon as they are full.
2) From Batangas pier you get to Mindoro with a one hour boat trip (fare 5€/300Pesos).
Destination are:
Talipanan- boat arrives directly on the beach 20mt distance from Amami Beach Resort
White beach- 10min trycicle distance from Talipanan (fare 1.5€/100Pesos)
Muelle- 20min trycicle distance from Talipanan (fare 2.5€/150Pesos)
Sabang- 45min trycicle distance from Talipanan (fare 5€/300Pesos)

For those who are willing to bring their vehicles you can ride in a RO-RO ferry (roll-on-roll off) to Balatero port(25min distance) or Calapan (2hours distance) then you can take the road head west to Talipanan.

Minolo shipping line provides shuttle transportation from Muelle directly inside Amami Beach Resort (additional fare 1.1€/70Pesos).